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As an HP workstation specialist with 30 years’ experience dealing with the manufacturing sector, we fully understand the importance of sourcing the best workstation for Inventor you can buy at a sensible budget.
HP Z440 Workstation shotAutodesk Inventor brings a lot of value to a business enabling rapid 3D modelling, product design and digital prototyping. It can improve times in designing a product, visualising design potential and accelerate bringing your products to market or help you quickly explore the global impact of design iterations.

However, running Autodesk Inventor on an unsuitable or under specified computer can easily nullify all of its productivity advantages and waste the time of highly paid and experienced CAD users. Poor inventor performance can slow down the design process and cause missed deadlines. Graphical glitches and inconsistences can hinder both performance and the visualization advantages Inventor can bring impacting the design process.

With constant improvements to Inventor software plus the addition of more powerful but computationally demanding features such as Finite Element Analysis, File Translation and complex surfacing and so on, buying the right CAD Workstation for Autodesk Inventor is paramount to enable your business to truly maximise the software’s potential, your users productivity and of course give you an outstanding return on investment.

Our range of HP Workstations for Inventor have undergone strict testing as well as Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification to ensure they are fully fit for purpose even if you have to run them 24/7 to meet demanding project deadlines.  

Additionally, our recommended Inventor workstation specifications have been carefully chosen to ensure maximum all round performance at realistic price points, and come with a 3 Year HP warranty.  

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Recommended Processors for Inventor

Intel Xeon ImageInventor workstations are expected to chunk through copious amounts of data as efficiently as possible and its multi-threaded functions and can take advantage of multiple cores when creating and computing drawing views, rendering, importing and converting parts and assemblies and some modelling commands; FEA and rendering in particular.

With high computational requirements and vast amounts of data in memory our recommended processor for Autodesk Inventor is of course the Intel Xeon family as they enable the use of ECC (error checking and correcting) memory modules, thereby reducing the potential for corrupt data sets or complex assemblies.

This is particularly critical when working with datasets and projects that require extreme accuracy and confidence such as design measurements or FEA, ECC memory can prevent errors and incorrect data from being saved.

Recommend Memory for Inventor

HP Workstation RAM and Memory ImageBest practice memory requirements for Autodesk Inventor can change depending on the size and complexity of the assemblies in use.

It’s tempting to install the minimum or lowest recommended amount on base specifications but when specifying we take real world factors into account. For example: large amounts of memory are required for larger assemblies consisting of many thousands of unique parts and tens of thousands of occurrences, likewise complex parts can also be memory hungry.

Also bear in mind Inventor will not be the only piece of software your workstation is going to run and if you are running other software programs at the same time as Inventor it is prudent not to be tempted by minimums. Our recommended CAD workstation for Inventor has been specified to allow you to futureproof your system!

Project files and assemblies are growing bigger and bigger as technology and software progresses and as additional Inventor functionality is added, insufficient memory could become a bottleneck to productivity.

Recommended Graphics Cards for Inventor

Nvidia cad workstation Graphics Cards ImageWe recommend a mid-level workstation graphics card such as the NVidia Quadro range of cards for our Inventor workstations. A more powerful workstation graphics card can be installed if required for rendering larger and more complex assemblies.

NVidia Quadro workstation graphics are ISV certified by NVidia and Autodesk to work with Inventor. ISV certification tests compatibility with many parts of the software and how it integrates with the graphics card such as Express Mode for dealing/rendering large assemblies.

Inventor Workstation Storage

HP Z Turbo DriveIt is highly recommended to install Windows and Inventor onto a Solid State Drive. Solid State drives have vastly increased performance over there mechanical counterparts and can offer numerous benefits to Inventor users.

SSD’s demonstrate an improve boot time for Windows Operating Systems, faster loading and closing of Inventor software and any other software installed on them. Files stored locally on the drive can be loaded or saved at much faster speeds.

Inventor in particular can also benefit further from SSD’s. Inventor uses a kind of segment loading for file access where it does not load all the information at the same time, only what is needed. As more information is required it will go back to fetch more. SSD’s will ensure this process happens smoothly and rapidly.

Our Inventor CAD Workstations take advantage of the superfast high performance HP Z Turbo drives to maximise both user performance and experience.  

CAD Workstation Warranty and Support

In addition to the 3 Year HP Warranty included with HP Z Cad workstations Graitec’s large and highly skilled technical team offer extended support, thought out the UK, both remote and on-site for hardware & Autodesk software.
Our Gold and Silver Desktop support agreements and CAD services can help resolve any hardware or Autodesk application issues quickly and efficiently. If necessary a loan desktop can be provisioned in order to get your critical members of staff back up and running.

For more information on Graitec  CAD Workstations or Graitec IT services simply contact your local office or click on the link below.

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