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Advance Steel Working with Special Parts

Advance Steel Working with Special Parts

This webinar will look at how Advance Steel users can work with Special Parts and how to incorporate them into the model. Special parts are objects not created in Advance Steel but needed in the model for clash checking purposes such as a piece of machinery which is bolted to the steel frame or bought in items incorporated into assemblies such as brackets, locks or glass clamps etc.

After we have inserted the Special Parts into the model we will run through the drawing and list output to see what could be achieved. We will also look at captive nuts and captive bolts and how they could be incorporated into custom connections, finally we will run through some of the support questions that get raised relating to special parts.

Key Points

  • How to create Special parts including tips & tricks
  • Inserting and integrating Special parts with the model
  • Special Parts on drawings – GA’s and Assemblies
  • Captive nuts & Bolts
  • Problem solving Special Part issues

Webinar Host: Rob Merriman
Date: 3rd April 2020
Time: 14:00 PM – 15:00 PM

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