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Advance Steel Diagnosing & Resolving Numbering Issues

Advance Steel Diagnosing Resolving Numbering Issues

This webinar will look at the numbering side of Advance Steel and how to resolve and diagnose any issues with the numbering of a model that might have arisen during modelling. In an ideal world we would finish the modelling of a project, then run the numbering and drawings, everything gets installed and we move onto the next job. That rarely happens, sometimes a job is in production and the numbers in the model need to change for a reason.

This webinar will run through why numbers change, how to find items that have the same number but are different in the model, figuring out why 2 assemblies are different even though we think they are the same or why some assemblies have what we think is the wrong prefix

Key Points

  • Numbering after changes have been made to the model & results
  • Checking for duplicate part numbers & resolving duplicate part numbers
  • Searching the model to figure out differences between 2 parts
  • Selecting objects to show identical parts
  • Why do my assemblies have the wrong prefix?

Webinar Host: Rob Merriman
Date: 3rd April 2020
Time: 12:00 PM – 13:00 PM

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