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powershape 2021 badge 256px optFusion 360 with PowerShape manufacturing software combines surface, solid and mesh modelling to help engineers prepare molds, dies and other complex parts for additive, subtractive or hybrid manufacturing.

Fusion 360 with PowerShape can optimise tool designs, reduce lead times, automate the production of electrical discharge machining (EDM) electrodes and reverse engineering through scan technology integration and STL mesh conversion and repair.

With modern modelling for manufacturing processes comes modern challenges and one that stands out for most manufactures is the challenge associated with the importing of 3rd party data and CAD models that often require fixing or in some cases re-designing.

PowerShape is a powerful Autodesk CAM software solution that solves many of the issues associated with the importation of CAD data and as it is CAD system agnostic, it not only helps import geometry from a wide range of proprietary CAD solutions, but is also able to easily work with a variety of different data types including reverse engineering workflows using captured complex 3D scan data where its live scanning system allows you to visualise the scan as it is built up.

Once data is imported, Powershape’s repair functionality comes to the fore with powerful editing tools allowing your engineers to quickly analyse, repair or even fix imported geometry using a variety of techniques including interactive analysis tools, surface/mesh tools and even direct modelling tools, to enable you to create watertight solids for downstream operations.  

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Autodesk PowerShape helps engineers to get on with the job in hand, quickly import, repair and prepare complex models for manufacture, addresses issues which come with working with imported CAD files from a variety of different CAD systems and designers.

For Example:

  • Reducing time wasted, fixing faulty models (e.g. poor-quality solids, gaps, or missing surfaces).
  • Rectifying customer designs that cannot be manufactured (e.g. insufficient draft, missing fillets, thin wall sections).
  • Trying to convert designs into core and cavity halves plus associated tooling as quickly as possible.
  • Creating geometry to help the programming of 5-axis CNC machines.
  • Managing the design, production, and use of EDM electrodes.
  • Updating design changes during the manufacturing process.
  • Scanning physical parts and converting the data into high quality, 3D models.

PowerShape allows Engineers to:

  • Import models from all mainstream CAD design systems.
  • Find and repair critical faults which could complicate downstream processes.
  • Use modeling tools specifically designed to help mold and die manufacturers.
  • Maintain working, even if the imported CAD model is not perfect.
  • Work with any combination of surfaces, solids and large STL meshes.
  • Ability to split models into cavity, core and slides using a simple wizard.
  • Manage the design, manufacture and utilisation of electrodes for EDM.
  • Connect directly to scanning hardware for reverse engineering.
  • Reverse engineer complex parts using powerful point-cloud and mesh modelling.
  • Send finished models directly to PowerMill or FeatureCAM for machining.

To find out more about PowerShape functionality or to discuss your workflow challenges with a member of our manufacturing team simply click on the button below and we will get in touch to see how Autodesk “Make” technology can help you enhance your business processes.


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