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featurecam 2021 badge 256px optFusion 360 with FeatureCAM is a combined package that includes Fusion 360 design software and Autodesk FeatureCAM software that automates the workflow from design to NC code helping manufacturers to reduce programming time and produce a set of consistent results for a plethora of CNC machines.

Feature CAM automation enables manufacturers to improve productivity and make parts faster with by optimising the traditional workflow of design to CNC programming defining parts with features, instead of the time-consuming process of programming parts one at a time.

This is particularly beneficial for companies facing typical manufacturing challenges such as:

  • Part programming delays which affect the ability to meet delivery schedules.
  • Smaller lots sizes and shorter deadlines which require more productivity.
  • Part complexity which requires the use of more advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies to manufacture them.
  • Optimising new, more complex machines which has the potential to be more productive but is harder to program.
  • Businesses moving to Multi-axis / Multi-tasking machines.

FeatureCAM’s workflow is automated with built in intelligence and is therefore much simpler and easier to use in comparison to traditional operation based or process-based CAM software programs. It will make intelligent decisions based on manufacturing knowledge which can automate repetitive tasks such as tool selection, defining feeds and speeds, and choosing cutting parameters such as stepover and stepdown.

The software acts as a single solution for your programming requirements minimising the learning curve between CNC applications and provides all the technology you will need to make parts on your common CNC machines. It also supports a wide range of CNCs which can assist in the programming of an existing portfolio of machine tools or new ones which may be bought in the future.

FeatureCAM Customer Videos

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FeatureCAM automatically:

  • Determines Rough and Finish Operations.
  • Selects ALL Tools Sizes.
  • Calculates Feeds & Speeds.
  • Determines Stepover & Z Increments.
  • Generates Toolpaths.
  • Creates NC Code.
  • Shares Toolpath Algorithms with PowerMill.

Typical FeatureCAM benefits include:

  • Reduction of programming times especially if the current process is manual.
  • Customisation and standardisation of best practises for repeatable results.
  • A single solution for a wide range of milling, turning, multi-axis lathes, wire machines.
  • Faster tool path creation.
  • Overall machine downtime reduction.
  • Improve programming consistency.
  • Standardisation of best practices.
  • Promotion of repeatability.

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