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AD Badge noyear 256Used by many of the top engineering consultancies in the UK and around the world, Graitec Advance Design is an easy to use structural analysis software solution for general structural analysis and design, it includes Eurocode design for EC0, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC5 and EC8 and international codes for North American or Canada.
Along with a familiar CAD based user interface Advance Design includes full FE capability, seismic, dynamic, generalised buckling and code specific traffic loading for any type of structure mixing concrete, steel and timber members. 

Other features includes static, dynamic, modal and non-linear analysis with very easy view and report post processing and detailed design checks.

Advance Design is fully BIM compliant FEA/FEM solution with functionality including export, import and synchronisation links direct with Revit and Advance Steel as well as other programs using industry standard file types and:

  • Is powerful, easy to use and operate
  • BIM native: Fully compliant with Revit®
  • Supported by a strong team of experts
  • Has a flexible licensing model
  • Has thousands of references worldwide
  • Utilises Eurocodes & North American codes

Advance Design Overview





Advance Design Packages

  • Standard


    FEM Structural Analysis package including all the modeling capabilities, the 3D climatic loads generator, all advanced FEM analysis and results postprocessing.
  • Premium


    Standard + Design any type of structure, with any kind of loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members according to major standard codes (Eurocodes and North American codes)
  • Ultimate


    Premium + Embedded RC modules to accelerate design, detailing & management of reinforcement (rebar) within concrete beams, columns, footings, bearing walls & shear walls.
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Advance Design Features

Please visit our dedicated Advance Design YouTube channel to explore the functionality of Advance Design Structural Analysis software in greater depth or for support and training videos.

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