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Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 Software Packages

autocad 2018 badge 256pxAutoCAD software has now moved beyond being simply a powerful but generic 2D and 3D draughting and modelling tool, but many companies are still not fully aware to what extent or what additional productivity they can drive within their businesses with the right CAD software investment, which ultimately leads to increased profitability.

Whilst Autodesk continues to develop additional CAD and design software beyond the AutoCAD platform for example Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Inventor and other digital prototyping and BIM (building information modelling) software. Autodesk AutoCAD can be purchased in a subscription basis only, learn more about Autodesk subscription benefits.

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AutoCAD itself has undergone somewhat of a resurgence with Autodesk releasing a number of AutoCAD based software solutions specifically geared to defined market sectors.

What this means is that if Autodesk's other CAD software packages do not meet your productivity needs, or you prefer/need to work in predominately 2D workflows, one of the other AutoCAD platforms may be just what you need. Autodesk has even released AutoCAD for Mac.

Each of these platforms is designed to address many of the traditional bottlenecks facing specific industry sectors with the inclusion of market specific toolsets, automation of tedious manual tasks, industry calculators, industry specific and customisable content and also automated drawing, scheduling and material take off functionalities. To learn more about the differences between these product verticals, download Autodesk's handy AutoCAD product matrix by clicking on the button below:

See AutoCAD Family Matrix

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