Working During A Crisis

During these uncertain times, it’s hard to know what to do for the best. We are all a little worried about our elderly relatives and in some towns, getting your usual provisions are a challenge to say the least. The media is not helping with their scaremongering and all but the BBC seem to be looking for story angles to get clicks.

All the customers and colleagues I’ve spoken to are keeping a level head thankfully and just getting on with life and work. But the government is planning for a large scale lock down and expects up to 1 in 5 (20%) of the workforce will be off sick or isolated in the near future. Hopefully the numbers will not be that big but planning for the worst case is always a good idea.

We also need to plan for this worst case and there are opportunities to be had. In our business life, our biggest fear is not being able to work. On an individual basis, for the last few years, the thing I heard the most from people was that they were doing more work than ever and they had less time available to do anything else such as learning new products and techniques, and this is one of our opportunities. At Graitec we are all set up for remote working. I’ve been remote for over 10 years now for example, it’s not new and it’s not difficult to do.

As a manager in charge of a workforce , if you plan for the worst-case scenario and 1 in 5 of your workers are at home, what will you do with them? Now is the time to decide.

If you are the one isolated, what do you plan on doing with your time? Now is the time to decide.

I am planning for online training courses, learning new products and presenting these to customers using remote working software such as Microsoft Teams or GotoMeeting etc.

Let’s use this time to reset how we work. One thing that is guaranteed, the ones that plan will come out of this stronger and ahead of the competition, whether that competition is your colleagues vying for promotion or another company vying for the same tender.

If you would like any more information on how to work with Graitec remotely we’d all be happy to help (via skype of course 😁)

If you have any questions regarding software or training, please send us a message:

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