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Wood Cad Cam and Furniture Design Software

Woodwork for Inventor (W4I with CAM) includes tools to automatically generate CNC code directly from your Inventor models! Yes that's right, Automatic CNC tool path generation for furniture design!

A great deal of CNC programming for Joinery and cabinet making is straightforward. Machining holes in panels isn’t complicated, the trouble is that we have so many panels to do! Unfortunately even ‘Standard’ panels that are tweaked each time we use them still require a new CNC program every time. Programming the same old parts over and over again is time consuming, boring and prone to error.

CNC programing represents a stop point in our design process. If there is a last minute design change, the CNC programmes must be written again from scratch – oh no!

For this reason, CNC can become a real pre-production bottle neck. A process that we don’t enter into lightly and one that we daren’t stop once it’s in process.

Woodwork for Inventor takes away a lot of the headache and helps us by running an automatic algorithm over our design, picking out parts that can be CNC’d and generating programme files automatically. Automatically! With no apparent effort from us!

CNC woodwork cam generation
Figure 1 CAM generation. Step one, check to see if CAM files have been generated already.

creating cnc informationFigure 2 Step Two, create the CNC information.
generating woodworking cnc files

Figure 3 Step Three, Generate the CNC files.
MPR file generated for woodworkFigure 4 CAM generation. The CNC information has been generated and added to the part file. An MPR file has been generated for Woodwork.

In addition, Woodwork for Inventor with CAM can link the CNC file to the part, giving us a visual clue over which parts have been generated. This link also helps the CNC files to be ‘pulled’ into Vault, giving us a place to manage all of our CNC data.

The software automates a tedious process, allowing us to work quicker, react to late design changes better and eliminate errors from our work process.

Woodwork for Inventor with CAM supports post-processors for the following systems:

•    Hops (.hop)
•    BiesseWorks (.cix)
•    WoodWOP (.mpr)
•    AlphaCAM (.dxf)
•    CNI Informatica (.cni)
•    AutoCAD (.dxf)
•    TpaCAD (.tcn)
•    EdiCAD (.tcn)
•    IMAwop (.fmc)
•    MasterWood (.tlf)
•    TwinCAM (.dxf)

To find out more about the fantastic CAD/CAM features in this Furniture design software add-on click on the link below.

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