Why Your Business Needs Digital Prototyping

Digital-PrototypingFor some companies who first looked at 3D modelling in the early days, the idea of Digital Prototyping was considered a thing of the future or at the very least considered too expensive and complex for everyday use resulting in many sticking with traditional AutoCAD and 2D design processes.

But a combination of maturing technologies, improved capability and reduced technology costs means that Digital Prototyping methodologies are far more accessible for small and medium size companies than ever before.

Driving market forces and the availability of bundled software packages such as Autodesk Product Design Suites at attractive price breaks, has resulted in a resurgence of interest from traditionally staunch 2D design based business that can now jump into the "Digital Prototyping” revolution without the evolutionary pain endured by the early adopters.

So let’s re-visit the benefits and advantages of Digital Prototyping methodologies in a mature market.

The term ‘digital prototyping’ shouldn’t apply solely to a singular piece of software, capable of simulating the behaviours of a real life product; instead it should be embraced as a philosophy incorporating all the elements of the design process.

This digital approach gives designers the ability to be creative, safe in the knowledge that mistakes made with pixels are far easier to correct than mistakes made with physical prototypes. This means they can explore a range of different concepts and let innovation be the driving force.

With digital prototyping you can design, visualise and simulate products from the conceptual design stage, right through the manufacturing process, and get the products to market faster, smarter and at a lower cost.

In fact, it’s having access to these functionalities that aligns the top performing companies in today’s competitive market; and it’s the companies using digital prototyping throughout the process of development that perform the most efficiently.

It’s a constant problem businesses are faced with – how do we grow our market share and save money at the same time? It’s like trying to touch the ceiling and the floor, simultaneously.

Where conventional methods made this problematic, digital prototyping means more product knowledge is available earlier on in the process, helping eliminate the need for physical prototypes altogether.

Because of this, productivity is dramatically improved while costs are significantly reduced resulting in increased revenue and market share.

Which of course is what we strive for in business?

digital prototyping option

Possibly the most important function digital prototyping offers is the ability to ask critical questions before the actual build process takes place - will it be strong enough? Can I make it lighter? What happens when it moves? And the list goes on.

The traditional product development cycle was a lot like this – design, build, test and fix. However, with digital prototyping you eliminate the need to fix and delay the need for premature building.

Instead you end up with a development cycle that designs, analyses, tests and builds, throughout your work streams.

Digital prototyping has now reached a level that permits serious consideration as a must-have design tool. Many potential users don’t necessarily see its relevance to their specific needs though its purpose is ample.

For manufacturers in the construction supply chain, having 3D capability also means that you will be able to compete in the rapidly growing BIM for manufacturing marketplace.

If you are unaware, building products are increasingly being demanded in 3D model variants to satisfy Government mandated changes in construction processes as the construction industry undergoes its own "Construction Prototyping" evolution commonly referred to as BIM.

Bearing in mind all of the above, there’s no longer a negative consideration to be established from a cost perspective as return on investment is proven and the technology is readily available at reasonable prices, especially when considered in comparison to the business savings it creates as well as profit improving processes.

Digital prototyping really has come of age, and passing it by when planning your business model is inevitably planning to fail.

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