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W4I Export to Sheet Optimisation

Woodwork for Inventor supports the exchange of data with panel optimisation software.

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When we are building high quality furniture from rare and expensive hardwoods, we don’t want to throw away our money in scrap!

A big challenge too many woodworkers is correctly quantifying the amount of board material we need to procure to complete our project.

Too little and we risk delays while we procure more stock. We also risk stock from different production batches not matching in tone or colour.

Too much and we will have material left over that is not required and that can’t be used on future projects. Often, left over material just kicks around until it becomes damaged and unusable.

Working out how much panel material we need is challenging, because the grain of timber dictates the best orientation and layout on the sheet material. Working out the best yield of cut panels from sheet stock is called ‘optimisation’, and it’s something of a dark art.

Woodwork for Inventor adds facing edge banding material for you

Figure 1 Woodwork for Inventor adds facing and edge banding material for you.

Woodwork for Inventor can help us prepare the data we need for panel optimisation. W4I intelligent materials contain information such as grain direction and trimming allowance. W4I will calculate the blank size for panels with odd shaped profiles. W4I can also allow for edge bandings when calculating the panel’s core blank size.

Woodwork for Inventor adds facing edging properties as meta data

Figure 2 Woodwork for Inventor adds facing and edging properties as meta-data, which can be extracted to your BOM.

The W4I BOM tool can output this data to an Excel spreadsheet which can easily be read into your panel optimiser of choice.

The data which we feed into our CNC beam saw contains the part number, allowing our beam saw to sticker each panel as it comes of the machine, making each panel easy to track through the workshop.

Panel optimisation is an easy way to save money on your next project by reducing waste, and it’s made easier by automating the generating of cutting tickets directly from the software.

Woodwork for Inventor BOM takes the meta data added to your panel outputs it to Excel

Figure 3 The Woodwork for Inventor BOM takes the meta-data added to your panel and outputs it to Excel.

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