Using Search Sets or Selection Sets for Clash Detection in Autodesk Navisworks

Navisworks is a very powerful tool for clash checking combined models, for example Structural and MEP Revit models. We can clash check those models against each other but this can produce far too many clashes. To get better more focused results we need to use the different Clash Detective options to fine tune our clash checks.

When performing a Clash check in Navisworks we check against Items in two different selections. In the Clash Detective window, in Selection A pane and Selection B pane, we can change formats between standard, compact and properties to select items that are to be compared against each other. But if there are any saved search or selection sets, then Sets option is also available so we can also use these.

If we needed to clash check specific items for example, ductwork against steelwork we would create a search/selection sets for structural columns and beams, and then one for ducts.

Navisworks SearchSelection set for Structural columns beams and ducts

In the Clash Detective window, we would add a new test and then set selection A and B to Sets, this allows us to run a very specific clash check without resulting multiple clashes that we don’t need to see. (We can run other clash checks to pick up those at a later time when we need to). Set any other settings you wish before you perform the clash check. E.g. Hard clash or Clearance clash and set any tolerance.

Navisworks Clash Detective Window

This clash check based on search/selection sets can be exported and then re-used time and time again but importantly if we export the clash check and the search set as well, they could be shared with other users to run on other Navisworks File sets so they can check for similar clashes.

This will also save time not having to set up clash checks from scratch each time.

Thanks for reading.

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