Using BIM Does Allow For Bespoke Design

BespokeWith the implementation of BIM on all public projects by 2014 many contractors have become sceptical that it will make buildings look dull and uniform but this is not the case as the National BIM Report 2013 expressed: "BIM 'doesn't lead to bland buildings', it isn't 'just for new builds' and it doesn't stand in the way of 'bespoke design'. 1"

The more open-minded designers of you will realise that standardisation of objects and processes does not necessarily lead to standardisation of design and the stifling of creativity as many contractors utilise bespoke and specialist software to get the design that they proposed to the client.

With a growing range of elements that are real life available products it means that at any stage in the project's completion components can be chosen to create a completely customized look whether you are looking for a green chair or a wood effect worktop.

When comes to standardisation of BIM it is only regulated for where it makes sense: "why redesign every fire escape stair from scratch when you can choose from a library and spend more time designing a beautiful atrium stair? ¹"

BIM allows anyone in the project to design any space that the client has an idea for and tailor it to their thoughts.

This can be done with Autodesk Revit - the designer, contractor or anyone involved in the project is able to have full control of every element within the design for instance when it comes to windows frames you are able to control the frame thickness, frame position, overall width and height etc.

If you would like to find out more about BIM or Autdoesk Revit then you can contact us on 023 8086 8947 or request more information.

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