Update all your Advance Steel Project Information with one click

Have you ever been in the situation where you have run all your fabrication drawings, done all your editing and then realised just before you're about to send them out for fabrication that the project description, project number, client information, detailer and checker that are shown on the drawings are incorrect or missing?

Handily, you don’t need to delete all the drawings or open them one by one to change them, as there is a button that will update all your Advance Steel Project Information with one click, and it won't affect any of your editing.

First, update your project information from the “Project Settings” button (Located on the Home tab, Management panel). Once you have updated the Project settings go to the Labels and Dimensions tab, then the Management panel, where you click the drop-down arrow. Then click the “Update Page Header” button, and this will then update every drawing that has been run with the new Project Information.

advance steel project information

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