Top Tips to Remember When Using NC Files for Structural Steelwork in Advance Steel

It is becoming increasingly popular to use NC files for manufacturing structural steel beams. This is intended to improve speed and efficiency whilst reducing or removing any human error. That can certainly be achieved and Advance Steel can produce all the files you need very easily. However, there are some important things to remember when choosing this route to manufacture.

The files are written in a standard or language called DStV. This language cannot describe everything it is possible to model. Each brand of manufacturing equipment could be considered to speak a different dialect of this language and may not understand your file as expected. Furthermore, there are physical limitations to what each piece of manufacturing equipment can achieve.

Things to Remember When Using NC Files for Structural Steelwork

To help you be aware and prepared so you get the most out of this facility I have prepared an informative guide, “Things to remember when using NC Files for Structural Steelwork”. To check it out please complete the form below and download the guide.

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