The Graitec Advance Design Structural Design Engineering product is ahead of the field for analysis and design for Concrete, Steel and Timber projects. The brand new 2019 version includes several exciting new features for Steel users, including shape optimisation for steel members and improved steel design reports making it a must have tool in your Structural Analysis and Design portfolio.

The shape optimisation calculation, which is vital for users when designing their steel elements, can now be performed with consideration of the condition of maximum deflection. This means that cross sections are searched whenever the deflection ratio goes above the set limit, with the default being 100%.

Advance Design shape optimisation 1

This will allow the user to make a more informed decision whilst selecting their optimal steel profiles, and because this means it is possible to present a deflection ratio during shape optimisation, it is now far easier to check your results.

The improvements made to steel design reports will also make this product feel much more intuitive for users. These include enhancements to the tables with results relating to steel design, which make the steel structure design process far more efficient by increasing user control over the content and type of reports given for calculation results.

Advance Design shape optimisation 2

Also, finite element (envelope) result tables will be edited automatically according to the relevant loadcases and combinations.

Users should also find that the new editing options will save them time spent on analysing results – these include the capability to edit separate tables for each design template or system, as well as to print the list of relevant combinations for a design at the end of each table. Being able to add columns that display element name, system name, design template name and critical combinations should also prove extremely handy.

Advance Design shape optimisation 3

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