Tally - Revit For The Environment

Tally TopAs we all look to become more sustainable in all aspects of our life, Autodesk Labs have released an app that will help you do just that whilst using BIM.

The plug-in coined Tally is a Autodesk Revit application that allows architects and engineers to calculate the environmental impact of the building materials that they wish to use through the BIM design process.

Tally’s database then allows you to complete a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the building from defining the relationships between BIM elements and construction materials.

The app reports back on a number of questions that are regularly asked during the design process including where the largest environmental impacts reside within a design and how those impacts compare across material options and relate to energy consumption.

This ultimately provides Tally Mainyou with environmental-impact information on the likes of embodied energy and global warming impact for construction materials assigned to BIM elements and objects in their design.

LCA’s are a somewhat new methodology for comparing the environmental impacts of materials and processes. However it is preferable to be conducted on entire buildings and building components after construction is complete.

Although Tally does allow you to select design option comparisons which will allow you to compare two or more Revit design options.

Autodesk state that there is no special modelling practices for using working on a Revit model.

Tally was launched at the Greenbuild conference in November 2013 and is free to download in beta until 1st March. After that, it will be sold at an as-yet undetermined price on Autodesk Exchange.

This app is one of just many apps that Autodesk has available in Autodesk Exchange to help you get the most out of your Autodesk software and complete your project with ease.

To find out more about Autodesk Exchange read Autodesk Exchange App - For All Design And Process Needs.

For a demo of Tally I suggest you watch this video as it gives you a guide to different features of the plug-in app.

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