Sharing Schedules Between Projects in Autodesk Revit

I thought I would follow up my last post, ‘Revit Stairs – Building Regulations 42° Check’ with this one. At the end I mentioned that you could insert a schedule from one project into another!

It’s very simple to do but many people don’t realise you can do this.

Here’s how:

I’ve created a new project simply based from the construction template that comes straight out of the box with the Revit UK Templates.

From here I’ve modelled some stairs (Stair by component).

On the “Insert” Tab on the Ribbon, under the “Import” Panel there is a tool called “Insert from file”.

Sharing schedules between projects in Autodesk Revit Insert from File

There’s a dropdown and 2 options:

- Insert Views from File
- Insert 2D Elements from File

It will open a file browser. Search for the file that you contain the required. From here you can insert various view types from the selected file.

• Schedules
• Drafting views
• Rendered images
• Sheets that contain only drafting views

Sharing Schedules between projects in Autodesk Revit Insert Views

As simple as that, the schedule will be inside your new project.

Note: If the schedule contains any project parameters, then you will have to copy these over from the same project using the “Transfer Project Standards” tool.

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