Shape Generator – What’s New Inventor 2017

Shape Generator 1 We are back again looking at another new feature in Inventor 2017 and in this blog post we will be looking at Shape Generator.

Many of you may have already read about or used this feature which was made available in Inventor 2016 R2 & R3.

Check out the video below or read on to found out more on Shape Generator and enhancements in 2017’s Shape Generator.

What Is Shape Generator?

Shape Generator is a design tool that helps you create lightweight components. From a concept of a component, Shape Generator enables you to specify design criteria and the computer will generate an optimized structure based on your requirements.

1. Specify the component design criteria and target weight.

2. Based on your design criteria Shape Generator then produces a 3D mesh.

3. The generated mesh can then be incorporated into the original concept design.

Shape Generator 2

What’s New to Shape Generator In 2017?

For users who have already used Shape Generator there have been several enhancements:

• Glyphs are now visible on the location of Fixed, Pinned, and Frictionless constraints.

Shape Generator 3 Glyph

• More intuitive preserve region tools to help retain design intent.

Shape Generator 4 Preserve Region

• Control minimum member size of features created.

Shape Generator 5 Min Member Size

• Assign target mass.

Shape Generator 6 Target Mass

• Symmetry constraint around planes for symmetrical mesh outputs.

Shape Generator 7


Many customers are looking for ways to make their designs lighter and often they can find themselves creating and simulating multiple iterations until they achieve their design criteria and in Shape Generator they have a tool which will assist users in achieving lightweight designs faster.

The ability to assign symmetry, preserve regions and assign a target mass are also welcome enhancements to the 2017 release.

For more information on the new features in Inventor 2017, take a look at our Mechanical blog category.

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