Revit LT 2014 - Family Preview Palette Is A Black Mass - How To Fix


After installing Revt Lt 2014 and starting a project, many users are discovering that the preview of family components, such as Doors and windows plus other components in the properties palette appears as a black mass void of any detail.

Similarly, a 3D view, when in shaded visual style, the family element are just a black mass.

The cause of this appears to lie with the UK Family Content and the default project template that is being shipped with Revit Lt 2014; fortunately we have discovered a cure for this ailment.

The fix is to replace the content and the template with good versions.

Here are 3 ways of fixing the issue depending on your circumstances:

1. If you have upgraded from Revit Lt 2013, then replace the 2014 files with the previous 2013 files - see the how to guide.

2. If you also have full Revit 2014 in your organisation they can copy those files and paste them into the Revit Lt locations; see the how to Guide.

3. If you only have Revit Lt 2014 you’ll need a “good” copy of the UK content and the project template; you can download Revit LT 2013 files from here (updated link) along with the how to guide.

N.B. As is always good practice when replacing working files, MAKE A COPY before deleting and create a Windows system restore point.

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