Rebar Detailing Software for Revit

Autodesk Revit has proved itself as one of the leading tools for BIM workflows and the technology has continued to evolve to meet the many requirements of typical construction project including MEP, Structural and now with the added power of Graitec technology, enhanced Rebar detailing and concrete design.

Introducing Graitec Advance BIM Designers – Concrete Series, a comprehensive add-on that will allow you to Power Up your Revit software and manage your rebar projects effectively and of course more efficiently.

BIM Designers deliver enhanced tools to improve the handling and manipulation of complex geometry features in Revit and other time-consuming tasks: create an opening around pipes within few clicks using an intuitive and easy user interface, use reinforcement wizards to define the geometrical parameters and generate the 3D rebar cages on beams, columns, footings. Why waste time placing bars manually!

Once the bars exist in the models, with Revit and Graitec BIM Designers, labelling and tagging bars becomes far easier in all model views: click on the element to annotate, adjust the position of the tag and the job is completed.

Need to place bending details in different views? Graitec’s Concrete design and detailing software tools remove the challenges of using native Revit functionality: instead, simply select the bar, apply the bending schemas function and apply.

Everything is linked to the model… make a change on the bars and the tags and labels are updated real time ensuring no risk of errors and no loss of time.

Graitec BIM Designers - Concrete Series also offer unique functionality to create, save and apply rebar Revit schedules on a selection of elements or your rebar project. You can also create your own rebar schedules templates and apply them in all your rebar projects…

With Graitec BIM Designers, Power Up Revit and improve your productivity for your Rebar design and detailing tasks in Revit.

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