Overriding Colours to Identify Structural Elements in Navisworks

We know that Navisworks is a very powerful tool for collaboration, combining models and clash checking amongst other things. But when we open, a dataset in Autodesk Navisworks we could be relying on how someone else has set up their model and everything could be a very similar colour.

This can make it very difficult to visually identify different elements, for example in a structural model we might want the steel columns/beams or concrete foundations to stand out.
So, what would be useful, is a quick easy way to recolour different elements.

colours override navisworks

This can be done quite easily in Navisworks, In the Selection Tree we might see the dataset broken down into different discipline models e.g. Architectural, Structural and MEP and for example the structural model maybe broken down into different element types like structural columns, structural framing and structural foundations etc. If we select structural columns in the Selection Tree all the structural columns in the model highlight. (this is just a temporary colour).

colours override navisworks temporary colour

If we right click on Structural Columns in the Selection Tree and look down the menu. We select Override Item that leads us to Override Colour.

colours override navisworks path colours

We then get the colour palette; we can select one of the basic colours or even define a custom colour. After we OK this all our Structural Columns are now the new colour.

colours override navisworks colours

colours override navisworks 1 recoloured model

We would repeat that process for any other elements that we wish to be a different colour.

colours override navisworks 2 recoloured model

We can even dig down the Selection Tree and select out more specific element types, for example we could look under Structural Foundations and maybe find Column Pad Footings.

colours override navisworks footing column tree

colours override navisworks reocloured model

If required these colours can be easily reset back to their original colour.

colours override navisworks override button

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