Navisworks 2017 Update 1

Navisworks 2017 Update 1

Autodesk have released an update for Navisworks 2017 which is available to all subscription customers via the Autodesk Desktop App. So let’s take a look and see what enhancements are included in the new update.

New IFC Loader
As part of the Global Options > File Readers > IFC, there is now an option to load Revit IFC Files. For now, this is an optional choice but will become default for future releases. This new option gives greater collaboration with Revit and offers extra control of the model in Navisworks.
Here’s how it works:
1. Global Options – selecting the 'Revit_IFC' loader

Navisworks 2017 Update 1 Revit IFC

2. After opening an IFC file, switch the render style to shaded to give a better representation of the model.

Navisworks 2017 Update 1 Shaded View

3. Newly supported IFC elements are now visible by default in Navisworks 2017.These will be hidden in the next release, but for now you should be able to hide them using these search sets. These include Zones, Opening and Spaces.

Navisworks 2017 Update 1 IFC Selection Set 2


Navisworks 2017 Update 1 IFC Selection SetPerformance Updates
Another area of focus in this update is performance of the model and in particular viewports and how the files sizes were increasingly getting larger. The update now addresses the below issues in particular.
• Saved Viewpoints are becoming Incredibly Large Making Model Unusable
• Abnormally Large BIM 360 Shared Views Crashing Glue & Field Mobile, slow performance to open Shared Views from Navisworks
• Viewpoints with overrides causes NWF file size to increase drastically
• NWF file size increases significantly once you override colours and transparencies
• Longer opening time in NW 2016 than in 2015 and Model created using Navisworks Manage 2016 SP1 is too big

Optimise on Load
As well as fixing the above in this update there is also a new option for optimising a model when loading. The new option "Optimise on Load" under the Model -> Performance section. It is disabled by default, but when enabled, it will perform certain optimisations when you load:

• Delete duplicate redlines – duplicate redlines from existing saved viewpoints will be deleted.
• Optimise saved viewpoint overrides – Some old files could have saved viewpoint overrides with the same appearance stored multiple times. This optimisation removes that redundancy.
• Delete duplicate material attributes – removes all the extra material attributes from nodes.

Navisworks 2017 Update 1 Optimise on Load

For a complete overview on the update visit the Autodesk Beyond Design site here.

If you need any information on Navisworks training, software or customisation, please contact Graitec today:

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