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Materials Library for Woodwork Designers

Woodwork for Inventor comes with an extensive library of intelligent materials including a range of high pressure laminates, veneers and paper films for example.
Wood is a beautiful natural material. The problem with including wood materials in your 3D CAD model is that they can look great – or terrible! There is no in between…
material library for woodwork screengrabFigure 1 Materials are added as meta-data so you don't have to model all these components.

The woodwork for Inventor material library comes with high quality images of real wood that look great when rendering 3D images of your design. But that isn’t what makes the W4I materials so helpful.

W4I’s material library goes far beyond simple imagery and makes it easy for you to add materials to your design using a ‘top down’ process. You select your component, find your material in the palette, and apply it – done!

woodwork for inventor materials veneer and laminate

But the simplicity of the process hides the automation power that lurks below the surface.

The W4I Material library is grouped into solid, board, and multilayer materials, allowing you to measure, quantify and group you hardwood mouldings separately to your veneered panels.

Woodwork materials drop down listFigure 3 The Bill of Materials contains data about facings, and edgings. Each part becomes a sub assembly of data.

In addition, Edge banding and coatings can be added to your components as meta-data so you don’t need to model these items in 3D.

Finally, grain direction and trimming allowances can be added to the board materials. All of the information you need to compile a cutting ticket can now be extracted from the data you added to your model. Easy!

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