Is this now the “Eureka Moment” for Online Training and eLearning?

Without doubt, COVID-19 will change the way we work forever.

This recent pandemic has forced organisations and their employees to reconsider a number of key activities during this period in our lives including how training, development, education and technology adoption will be delivered in the workplace going forward.

Let me take you back to 2015 (seems a lifetime ago) when I was looking for an Autodesk Training and eLearning solution to launch in the UK for our Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing customers.

Initially, I carried out some customer research on the common problem’s organisations, design teams and Autodesk users tend to face when using Autodesk software.

This was followed up with a seminar where we had representation from the Manufacturing and AEC sectors to debate this in more detail and the problems that I first thought these organisations were experiencing, was in fact completely different. (What do I know eh?)

The Problem:

The first thing was that design teams and users were increasingly finding it more and more difficult keeping up to date with rapidly changing Autodesk workflows & tools and maintaining standard processes within their business.

Autodesk software classroom and online training is great at getting people up and running with software however, people aren’t always able to remember some of what they learnt, especially the functions they seldomly use.

“People forget 90% of what they learn within 3 to 6 days unless learning is reinforced with multiple repetitions” (Source: Herman Ebbinghaus who pioneered the experimental study of memory and the forgetting curve)

Some organisations can find attending traditional classroom training difficult as it can take up time especially if they’re busy and it can be costly for them in terms of travelling and taking resources away from important projects.

It also soon became apparent that no matter how well companies have workflows documented and how much training is available, users will get stuck from time to time when using Autodesk software, in fact, it’s inevitable, irrespective if they’re a beginner, intermediate or a superuser of Autodesk software.

They will run into problems that derail them from being productive causing excessive downtime.

What do users tend to do when they become stuck?

Well, they tend to look at Google / YouTube Videos, perusing through millions of hits and content.

This is an inefficient, protracted and distracting way of searching for trusted answers to questions, it hinders productivity and critically, this can also lead to obtaining information from unregulated sources.

How do you know if the person providing the answer to the question is more qualified than say…………you?

No matter how well an organisation follows good workflows and how well trained their people are, individuals will still get stuck.


It’s very common for people to not remember how to do something or get stuck and this tends to happen when Autodesk users are in the middle of an important project and they ask other people for help, causing two, three, four or more people to be unproductive.

This issue may be the largest and most costly problem for organisations in the Manufacturing Industry.

Nearly all organisations in the Manufacturing Industry run into these types of problems that impact their productivity every day.

  • When Autodesk users become stuck and face daily roadblocks, how do they ensure they have access to trusted information and answers from subject matter experts?
  • How do these users keep up with the rapidly changing workflows and tools which comes with the latest releases of Autodesk software?
  • How do organisations ensure that these software enhancements are implemented by users to improve overall productivity and efficiency?
  • What is an organisation system for ensuring standard processes, procedures and consistent best practices are followed by creating custom content unique to their organisation?
  • How do they provide users with a trusted technical support lifeline?
  • How do organisations ensure that their Autodesk software users retain the knowledge they learn in the classroom and implement it into the workplace?
  • How do they ensure new employees are following their best practices to get work done their way?
  • How have they dealt with when an experienced employee leaves and the knowledge leaves with them?

The list goes on and on.

3 Distinct Areas:

Training, development, education and technology adoption can be classified into 3 distinct areas.

  • Workflows
  • Training
  • Support

So, let’s take a peek at each one and the challenges faced.


An organisation’s struggle with being productive with technology is not unique to Autodesk software.

Most organisations in the Manufacturing industry have challenges getting their employees on the same page and following best practices, these organisations claim to have “their way” of getting work done but struggle to get their staff to follow those methods.

Often, a core group of users have mastered the use of Autodesk workflows and they’re tasked with getting the rest of the users to use the technology in an effective and efficient way.

Unfortunately, this is a challenging task to accomplish and this group falls into answering support questions daily.

They often have the right intentions to standardise the use of the right procedures and standards to ensure the users are employing the right tool at the right time in the process.

However, they struggle with how to share those procedures and standards with their users.

In most cases that I have seen, the materials are documented but because of a lack of resources and a good way to deploy these materials, they are very rarely used and rarely updated.

Learning and Education:

Most, if not all organisations in the Manufacturing industry have ongoing training and development needs.

The value of a Classroom, Online Training and eLearning solution is to provide the right type of training at the right time.

  • How do organisations train their people?
  • How well do people remember what they have learned in training?
  • How are new hires trained?
  • How does training work for occasional users or infrequent project types?

Technical Support:

Many firms have internal staff that are tasked with supporting their users.

In most cases those staff are inundated with frequently asked questions that take their time away from working on more important issues.

How do people get help when they become stuck?

Summary and the Solution

As the Manufacturing industry goes through its digital transformation, guiding technology adoption with best practices, procedures, workflows and assistance is critical to ensure organisations are able to increase collaboration, productivity and training options to get the most out of their technology investments.

This can be achieved by providing the right amount of training, at the point of need and when the user needs it in the design process.

Graitec have partnered with Global eTraining and have simplified the process of adopting Autodesk technology and other software.

Global e training image

Global eTraining has thousands of topics and content available on demand specialising in the Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industries.

The Global eTraining Platform allows organisations to provide their employees with world-class training on the Autodesk software they use while integrating their own knowledge capture of best practices, policies, and procedures unique to their company - even specific requirements for the current project will be at an employee’s fingertips at all times.

This platform gives Autodesk users access to a robust and ever-expanding course catalogue of Autodesk skills and software training for the Manufacturing industries.

I asked at the beginning if this Is this now the “Eureka Moment” for Online Training and eLearning?

Time will tell but in the words of that great poet, Bob Dylan “For the times they are a-changin”

To find out more about Global eTraining, head over to our web page. Alternatively, click on the button below to request more information and a member of the Graitec team will be in touch.


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