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Havelock Europa is a worldwide company specialising within the interior fit-out and refurbishment of commercial projects providing both design, manufacturing and installation services. For over a year now Graitec professional services have been involved in migrating their design team from an old CAD system to Autodesk Inventor and Vault.

Cam and Dowel
For anyone that’s put flat pack furniture together recently, the cam and dowel connection is a common fixture type, but unfortunately it is not included ‘out of the box’ within the Autodesk Inventor software. This is where the Graitec software development team were able to help. We were able to develop an add-in to Inventor which adds the cam and dowel cut outs to a pair of panels.

The challenge was to achieve this both within the traditional based assembly modelling as well as multi-body workflow environments.

The user merely selects the 2 panels and edges to join, and can then select various options within a dialog, such as the number of fittings, the offset from the front and back edges, and the spacing. These options are then used to insert the cuts at the desired positions in the 2 panels. The add-in includes an ordinary dowel as well as the cam and dowel fitting, but has also been made flexible enough for the end user to add their own fittings if they so wish.

Cutting tool dialogComplete unit with cuts

In addition, we have also developed an intelligent cutting list add-in, to automatically report a component’s size in consideration of the natural grain direction and multi-core material build-up such as veneered MDF with hardwood lipping. This add-in works in the assembly modelling environment, and will automatically calculate the dimensions of the component parts. The user has the option to override the automatic selection of grain direction, which normally follows the largest panel dimension.

Cutting list drawing sheet

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