Exploded Views and Presentation - What’s New Inventor 2017

presentation 2 In this blog we will be looking at the 2017 enhancements to Inventors presentation environment. 

Autodesk have made some serious enhancements to the presentation environment that will impress!  

In a continuation from last year’s improvements to tweak components: storyboards, snapshots, video/image publishing, and a timeline story panel have been introduced.

Check out the video below to see the new presentation tool in action or read on if you would like to know more.


presentation youtube

What Can I Expect?

snapshots Snapshots allow you to capture component tweaks at set camera positions which can be used for drawing views or exported out to raster.

Whether you create technical documentation or use presentations for drawings you will find this new feature a massive benefit!

All views are associative to changes so updating documentation is simple.

A selection or all views can be published as an image in a click of a button!


The new timeline and storyboard panel within Inventor makes viewing and editing component tweaks, camera views and snapshots a snip.

Tweak, camera and snapshots can be re-arranged, have time and distance changed in a few clicks.

Like snapshots, storyboards can be published to a video in a click of a button!



Autodesk have improved the functionality of the presentation tool massively and it is now more visual and intuitive which will enable you to get results with ease.

If you frequently produce images for documentation and are fed up with having to print screen and crop image for technical documents the new snapshots will dramatically speed up your process.

In the past, to produce an animation in the presentation environment you may have found it a bit slow and involved to get a result you were happy with. This has now all changed for the better with the use of the Storyboard.

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