Intelligent Data Management With Oasys Mail Manager

Oasys-Mail-ManagerWe've recently added a new e-mail management solution to our ever-growing list of software packages, and it goes by the name of Oasys Mail Manager.

Mail Manager was developed by the ARUP group (a world-class engineering company) as an internal solution to organising and managing their email traffic. The resulting technology was so impressive a subsidiary company was started to sell the technology designed to help manage file and message traffic associated with engineering projects.

This not only included text communications but large supporting files for engineering plans, CAD drawings, workflows, schedules and anything else you can think of. Since then the technology has continued to be updated and its practical purpose now spans the majority of all industries.

Mail Manager is a simple plugin that fits directly into your Microsoft Outlook toolbar. Its most basic function is to help save time and money by alleviating the pain of manual filing and searching for emails. But what it actually offers is far more impressive – this is one of those products where the benefits drown the individual features themselves.

For example the search functionality allows you to search via subject, body, address, attachment; you name it – being able to search these fields simultaneously means you can MM Toolbar2
drill into any email correspondence you’re trying to find. It’s purely a case of remembering what you’re looking for and waiting for the search engine to do the work, which I should add it does very quickly.

On top of that, the search engine has brains. It comes with a ‘fuzzy search’ option that lets you get away with the odd spelling mistake here and there. The intelligent search engine identifies similar words and populates your search criteria with appropriate results. It pains me to think something so simple has caused emails to have gone astray in the past.

I should also point out that when you’re searching, you can search for all project related information. So regardless of who’s in the office, all related information is accessible in one place by all the colleagues who need it.

And that’s because of the Mail Manager filing function – at the click of an additional button, Mail Manager suggests an appropriate location based on previous communications with the correspondent or subject content. There’s no need to spend hours dragging and dropping emails into folders just to forget where you filed them to begin with.

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Mail manager really does so much more than it says on the tin, I've just scratched the surface.

There’s still the social mapping (pictured above), the offline capabilities, the ability to send links rather than attachments and countless other 'neat little tricks'. For example, if you mention an attachment it the bulk of your text and forget to attach the document, Mail manager reminds you before the email is sent.

The more you use Mail Manager the more intelligent it gets.

And the more efficient your business becomes.

For more information about mail manager visit our direct store or call us on 023 8086 8947.

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