HP Launches New IPS Display Panels - Z22i, Z23i and Z24i

HP-LogoOff the back of their award-winning Z series workstations, HP has launched a set of 3 professional monitors to their new Z Display family.

The panels are designed for use in commercial environments, so perfect for engineers, architects and designers who need flawless image accuracy across the board.

All three panels incorporate the latest IPS technology for greater adjustability, accuracy and mission-critical reliability. Selected models also contain IPS Gen 2 panels, which deliver enhanced power savings and wider viewing angles than the first-generation of IPS technology.

Like other HP products, these monitors are specifically designed and engineered to meet demanding visualisation needs at an affordable price, demonstrating HPs desire to lead the way in providing results for professional solutions at all levels.

The new IPS displays encompass ultra-wide 178 degree viewing angles, 30-bit LCD panel technology and a 4-port USB hub - delivering outstanding colour accuracy, viewing angles and quality display.

They also deliver exceptional coverage of the sRGB colour space, which is the typical colour space for the majority of engineering, creative and professional applications.

The IPS panels swivel from horizontal to a vertical position and you can work across multiple monitors without losing any of the image integrity, which is key when maintaining consistency across deliverables.

Full specifications for each model can be found here.


OK, it all sounds brilliant, but do I need an IPS panel?

While high-end TN displays are perhaps still worthy, they’re undoubtedly getting left behind.
When it comes to IPS panels, they’re richer in colour, the viewing angels are better and they’re certainly more hard-wearing against pointing fingers.

TN displays may be cheaper for now but the quality is nowhere near as good. And let’s not forget, when technology becomes more widespread the price seemingly drops. It’s just a matter of patience.

The HP Z22i, Z23i and Z24i Displays are available for starting prices in the US of $239, $259 and $399, respectively (in keeping with HPs affordable vision) and are optimized for use with HP Z Workstations.

UK pricing of course will vary.

HP is the world’s largest technology company.

Their portfolio spans across printing, computing, software, services and IT infrastructure - though it’s fair to say they may not be thought of as innovation leaders, but the fact of the matter is, when it comes to merging visualisation and technology together, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

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