How to Stop AutoCAD from Freezing When You Press F8

Are you having an issue when running AutoCAD on Windows 10 whereby if you press the F8 key AutoCAD will freeze for a while. AutoCAD will eventually become responsive again but only after waiting 5-10 minutes.

This issue is caused by the Windows 10 Anniversary update and can affect all versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD based products.

Unfortunately, this is not a fault with your AutoCAD so we are waiting for Microsoft to fix this update. There is a work around though in AutoCAD whereby you can change a setting which will stop the freezing from happening until this is fixed by Microsoft. The work around to stop this happening is you can set the command “TEMPOVERRIDES” to 0. This will stop AutoCAD from Freezing.

In the command line type “TEMPOVERIDES” and press enter, the command line will now ask you to select a new value. By default, this should be set to <1> we need to change this to “0”. Type “0” without the quotation marks and press enter again.

You have now set the value for “TEMPOVERIDES” to “0” which has turned this feature off. Now when you press F8 your AutoCAD will no longer freeze on you.

Stop AutoCAD from freezing TEMPOVERIDES command

Further Information:
“TEMPOVERRIDES” command: turn on or off the temporary override keys on and off for drawing aids with 0 being off. A temporary key is a key that you can hold down to turn off or on one of the drawing aids (Ortho mode, object snaps, or Polar mode).

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