How To Save A Revit Schedule As A Template

You may have come across the following scenario, where you want to schedule certain items from an Autodesk Revit model, and you spend quite a bit of time creating and then tweaking your schedule to contain the correct information and to make it look a certain way. So far so good.

You then start a new project, and when you get to the scheduling stage, you need to schedule the same category items and you need the schedule to look the same, but you don’t want to spend all that time setting up again. However, there is a way whereby you can export the schedule out of the first project as a template and load it in to the next and all future projects.

revit schedule 1

Firstly, create your schedule as normal.

revit schedule 2

Then right click on the schedule in the project browser, and select save to new file. Give your schedule template a name and choose a location to save it in.

revit schedule 3

Then in your new project go to Insert Tab > Import Panel > Insert from File> Insert Views from File.

revit schedule 4

This will load your schedule template, and best of all, it will fill in the information if you have placed any corresponding items.

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