How to Rotate a Viewport in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD would you like to be able to rotate your viewports in paper space without having to rotate your drawing in model space as well. This can save you time and help keep model space free and tidy of having multiple copies of identical drawings at different angles.

This can quite easily be achieved in a few simple steps.

To rotate the viewport, we will be using the commands “VPROTATEASSOC” & “ROTATE”.

Rotating a viewport image

The command “VPROTATEASSOC” allows us to control how the model in the viewport behaves when we rotate the viewport. We need to set this first so that when we rotate the viewport, the view inside will also rotate with the viewport.

In the layout tab with the viewport, you want to rotate and enter the command “VPROTATEASSOC” into the command line. It will now ask you to set a value, set the value to “1”.

Now the viewport is ready to be rotated. To rotate your viewport, enter the command “ROTATE” and then click the viewport you want to rotate and hit enter.

Once selected choose a base point from which you want to rotate the viewport around.

Rotate viewport by degrees or mouse image

You can now either specify the number of degrees you want to rotate the viewport by typing the value in the command bar or use the mouse to manually rotate the viewport. Once you are happy with the outline of where the viewport will be rotated to either click or press enter.

You have now successfully rotated the viewport and the drawing within the viewport.

Rotated Viewport Image

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