How to Organise Your Viewpoints in Autodesk Navisworks

When we are Coordinating models in Navisworks we will more than likely be creating multiple viewpoints so we can jump to preset views without having to navigate each time to reach an item.

We can create many viewpoints and name them anything we want, but it would be very handy if we could reorganize them in folders so they are grouped together, for example by areas, who created them or disciplines like structural or MEP.

There are several icons used in the viewpoint window to represent different elements:


Folder represents a folder which may contain all other elements (including other folders).
Viewpoint Saved in Orthographic Mode represents a viewpoint saved in orthographic mode.
Viewpoint Saved in Perspective Mode represents a viewpoint saved in perspective mode.
Viewpoint Animation Clip represents a viewpoint animation clip.
Cut Inserted into a Viewpoint Animation Clip represents a cut inserted into a viewpoint animation clip.


We create our viewpoints as required; naming them correctly will help so we know what the view is.

Create Viewpoints

Right click in the Saved Viewpoints window and select New Folder.

Right Click in Saved Viewpoints New Folder

We create as many folders that we need to suit our project etc.

Create as many folders as needed

Then select the viewpoints and drag and drop into the folder required.
Holding down the CTRL key during this operation will copy the element being dragged.

Select Viewpoints and Drag and Drop into Folder

We could even create parent folders then drag and drop our folders in to those, this allows
fairly complex hierarchies of viewpoints, animations and folders to be easily composed.

Parent Folders Image

Viewpoint animations are also saved with the viewpoints, as they are simply a list of viewpoints treated as keyframes. In fact, viewpoint animations can be made by dragging preset viewpoints onto an empty viewpoint animation.

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