Revit to Advance Steel Collaboration Via SMLX

This year I had the opportunity to present at AU2018 (Autodesk University) in London, my class was about the workflow between Revit and Advance Steel for the transfer of structural steel and steel connections.

During this class we looked at the various options and settings involved in this process and reviewed the settings required for the different methods. We also looked at the interaction with connections and the new steel shape format in Revit, including how this is transferred into Advance Steel with the steel fabrication elements, interactions with materials and Advance Steel connections.

With the 2019 versions of the Revit and Advance steel software, we see a real step forward in true collaboration between the platforms to aide collaboration from design to detailing and into fabrication.

For those of you who did not have opportunity to attend AU in London, click on the play button below to watch a recorded version of the presentation. This is in the form of a PowerPoint with interactive videos, showing the processes of the transfer from Revit to Advance Steel.

Moreover, to view the PowerPoint presentation just click the link.

If you want to find out about Graitec’s Advance Steel consultancy services then click on the link. Alternatively, click on the button below to request more information and to find out more about Graitec structures and fabrication training.

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A Guide To Advance Steel Standard Parts

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