Fusion 360 – Design and Manufacturing Converge

Fusion 360 with CAMAutodesk are including their latest manufacturing developments through both Fusion 360 and select Fusion 360 extensions so customers can continue to access the technology that they rely on today, as well as technology that will shape their work tomorrow.

Here at Graitec we are working closely with many companies to help them overcome daily challenges with technology in the design and manufacturing industry, through adoption of established and proven manufacturing technology included in the Autodesk MAKE portfolio.

To address these challenges and take advantage of the ongoing convergence of design and manufacturing, as well as the need to connect and automate design and manufacturing processes to reduce iterations, errors, and delivery times is becoming a critical component of business evolvement.

Autodesk “Make” technologies provide manufacturers the innovative manufacturing solutions required for solving complex challenges and helping industrial manufacturers to integrate and automate their manufacturing.

Ongoing innovation in cloud computing and mobile technology, in combination with automation, are powerful enablers delivering new means of agile, collaborative working to manufacturing powered by platforms such as Fusion 360 which was developed to re-imagine the product development process and provide design users with access to their data in a connected, flexible, and seamless way.

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The objective?

  • To bring together technology that’s previously been delivered separately.
  • Develop intelligent means of automation.
  • Architect the software for collaboration as a rudimental part of design and manufacturing.

Helping manufacturing work in new ways by taking advantage of the next generation workflows available in solutions like Fusion 360 is important, so Autodesk is repackaging PowerMill, PowerShape and PowerInspect under the Fusion 360 brand to provide more benefits to customers.

This packaging change provides access to a wide range of tools across design and manufacturing, as well as further innovation with intelligent automation, so let’s have a closer look at the changes.

From September 14, 2020 there will be four new Fusion 360 offerings:

  • Fusion 360 with PowerMill Standard
  • Fusion 360 with PowerMill Ultimate
  • Fusion 360 with PowerShape
  • Fusion 360 with PowerInspect

What is included in these new offerings? 

  1. Fusion 360 with PowerMill Standard
    Included: PowerMill Standard, Fusion 360, Fusion 360 - Team, Fusion 360 - Machining Extension, HSMWorks.
  2. Fusion 360 with PowerMill Ultimate
    Included: PowerMill Ultimate, Fusion 360, Fusion 360 - Team, Fusion 360 - Machining Extension, Fusion 360 – Additive Build Extension, HSMWorks
  3. Fusion 360 with PowerShape
    Included: PowerShape Ultimate, Fusion 360, Fusion 360 - Team, HSMWorks
  4. Fusion 360 with PowerInspect
    Included: PowerInspect Ultimate, Fusion 360, Fusion 360 - Team, Fusion 360 - Machining Extension, HSMWorks

To find out more about the new packaging or to discuss your transition to connected and automated design and manufacturing workflows click on the button below.


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