Dynamo 1.1 Update

This week Autodesk have released the eagerly awaited update to their open source graphical design product Dynamo in the form of version 1.1. So let’s take a look under the bonnet and see what’s new and updated.

Dynamo 1.1

Semantic Versioning
Release 1.1 is now built on semantic versioning which now means that packages and graphs build in 1.0 will smoothly migrate to 1.1 and with this versioning process any graphs made in 1.1 will also open and work in 1.0.

Workspace Export
One of the best awaited features is the ability to export the workspace, which can now be done by selecting the File Menu > Export Workspace as Image. The great thing about this export process is that the image exported can be zoomed and all node information will be visible regardless of what resolution the workspace prior to export.

Dynamo Export Workspace

Menu Changes
Under the Settings menu there is now a new option to Show/Hide preview bubbles and the 'Getting Started' splash screen is now accessible under the help menu.

Experimental Stuff
As with all new updates there is always a little thing for those like me who love to tinker and play with beta technology and this version is no different with the exposure of T-Splines. This gives us the ability to create, edit T-Spline surfaces with the added function of converting mesh and NURB objects. To activate the new T-Splines simple go to the Settings menu > Experimental > Enable T-Spline Nodes.

Dynamo Enable T Splines

 Also included in this version is a whole range of bug fixes and behind the scene fixes so what you waiting for, Download the new version today.

If you need any information regarding Dynamo, please call Graitec on 023 8086 8947, or send us an enquiry now:

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