Cut Section Product Visuals for Selwood - Inventor & 3DS Max

The Graitec Design and Visualisation Team were recently contacted by a company named Selwood to who required a set of product visuals. Selwood are a leading company based in Eastleigh, Hampshire specialising in manufacturing pumps. The brief was to produce a high quality visual of each model with a section cut through, in order to show the inner workings of the pump as well as providing a realistic idea of the outer appearance of the finished product.


The models we were provided with were brought into Inventor and the required section was cut away, with some parts left whole in order to best show the mechanical workings of the pump. Inventor makes it easy to make cut sections of models and it also simplifies making modifications to the cut model, such as adding or removing components to the cut. If you would like to know how to do this, you can see how to do so by reading our recent blog by Paul Munford - HERE.

Once cut, the models were brought into 3DS Max in order to add the materials and produce the renders. Selwood provided the team with some information regarding what materials were required, as well as some photographs of some of the different components in the pumps (examples pictured below) which we were able to refer to in order to make the materials look as realistic as possible.


The most time-consuming part of the project was to create the materials and then getting them correctly mapped onto the first model. This model needed to look as close to the real product as possible. Once this had been achieved, and the client was happy with the way the render looked, the material library for the project (pictured below) was saved in order to be used for another 4 models which were also requested; thus creating efficiencies and consistency across all models.

selwood material library 3dsmax

Below you can see one of the final visuals:

selwood 3dsmax render pump


If you'd like to learn more about 3DS Max or Inventor, or would like to get in touch with our Design and Visualization Team, please let us know by following the link below: 

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