Connected Design - What’s New Inventor 2017

We are back again looking at another updated feature in Inventor 2017 and in this blog post we will be looking at Connected Design.

Many of you may have already read about or used this feature which was made available in Inventor 2016 R3, however enhancements have been made to make it faster and easier to collaborate.

Check out the video below or read on to found out more:

How does it work?

The tools for sharing your designs were previously only available in the A360 environment. You can now launch into this straight from Inventor and setup your shares and manage them. Owners and collaborators who have inventor can open a design share, post and view comments.

Non inventor users can use their mobile device to interrogate models, look at the properties and leave comments.

Connected Design 1

What’s New in Connected Design 2017?

• You can start a design share in the Inventor environment
• You can now move the connected design button displayed in the graphics window to a location which works for you
• New context menu options on the connected design button makes it easy to turn off shares and get help

Connected Design 2

• Configuration issues are reported in the design shares panel

• The Connected Design entry button changes to a broken symbol to show there are issues with the configuration.
Connected Design 3


Connected Design builds on A360. Connected design allows users to collaborate on designs with ease using cloud based tools, without the need for reviewers to download viewing tools or CAD software.

This allows for immediate feedback in the design process rather than waiting for the design to be completed then feedback provided afterwards adding time to the process.

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