Choosing the Right HSM for your Machining Needs

Bridge the gap between design and production and take control of your manufacturing by using Autodesk Inventor HSM. Reduce costs, achieve higher productivity and shorter time to market by automating fundamental processes such as CNC programming for manufacturing. 

Inventor HSM provides you with a fully integrated solution to streamline the manufacturing process. Autodesk offers different cost-effective versions of this program depending on the level of features that you require for your specific product. But which Autodesk Inventor HSM will you need for your requirements? In this whitepaper, I’ll go over the different features and functions that HSM offers to help you find out exactly that. I’ll look at processes such as:

  • 2D / 2.5D milling - 2D machining can range from very simple components to very complex components. Inventor HSM gives you the tools you need for control over all aspects of 2D machining.
  • Contouring - Easily machine 2D and 3D contours. Control lead-in and lead-out with or without tool compensation. Choose multiple roughing and finishing passes and multiple depth cuts for any contour.
  • Adaptive clearing - The special high-speed option creates smooth toolpaths that support maximum tool engagement, significantly higher feed rates, and reduced machining time and tool life.
  • Drilling and hole making - Inventor HSM includes powerful tools for generating drilling, counterboring and tapping operations. All operations are optimized to minimize tool travel and overall cycle time.
  • 3+2 machining - All 2D and 3D strategies support 3+2 machining (5-axis positioning) by rotating the part or the head of the machine tool through a combination of A, B, or C axis motions. 

For training courses please visit our Inventor HSM training page.

Download the whitepaper by filling the form below and see the full list of features and the main differences between HSM solutions.

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