Changes To Autodesk Subscription

Just to let you know... Autodesk Subscription is changing.

Autodesk have rebranded their offerings to allow customers to have a clearer view of what they are receiving in terms of subscription.

If you are already benefiting from Autodesk Subscription, Cloud 360 services or rental licenses there will be small changes to how you recognise your plan.

What is changing?

Autodesk Subscription will now be the umbrella term for all the subscription-based offerings including: Autodesk Maintenance Subscription, Autodesk Desktop Subscription and Autodesk Cloud Service Subscription.

Maitenance SubscriptionFirstly, Autodesk Subscription has been transformed into Maintenance Subscription. When you buy a perpetual license you will still be a part of the most cost effective way to maintain your design tools on the current version as well as receiving technical support and the ability to reap the benefits of flexible licensing rights.

You will also still have the advantage of utilising the cloud when you stay on maitenance subscription to perform tasks such as rendering faster and sharing documents easier.

For those of you on a rental plan you will still be able toDesktop Subscriptionpay-as-you-go with your Autodesk software subscription plans. You can still chose from monthly, quarterly and annual options when using Autodesk Design and Creation Suites and select software products but you will see a change of name to Desktop Subscription.

This clearly illustrates that your rental license can only be used at your desktop but if you are looking to utilise the Autodesk 360 cloud services then you can maximise your software with Autodesk Cloud Service Subscription.

Cloud SubscriptionAutodesk Cloud Service Subscription formerly cloud services allows you to extend and streamline your workflows as well as simplifying collaboration. This allows you to work away from your office but accessing the same software that is available on your desktop.

As you have read there is nothing for you to worry about you will only experience a change of name and images related to your plan.

Call us on 023 8086 8947 or take a look at our Subscriptions page to find out more information. 


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