Cad Workstations For AutoCAD Revit

What Is The Best Cad Workstation for Revit?

The adoption of AutoCAD Revit Software across the construction industry is continuing to accelerate as fast as the adoption of BIM (Building Information Modelling) workflows, and the recent announcement and release of the AutoCAD Revit LT Suite (with AutoCAD) and Autodesk Revit LT (without) is bound to see adoption accelerate at quite a pace.

Cad Workstation03Adopting new technology does mean a change in both business processes and also computer hardware given that 3D CAD software is a lot more demanding on hardware resources, but the resulting productivity gains, workflow improvements, internal cost reductions and new business opportunities more than compensate for any initial investment, and the gains are of course on-going.

As a leading supplier of Cad workstations we already specify a range of affordable Revit CAD workstations from HP at both sensible price and performance breaks, so we are more than happy to offer guidance where required.

Revit CAD Workstations

CAD Workstation wise if your existing computer is over 3 years old or perhaps was purchased purely to run 2D AutoCAD software, and you are now purchasing Revit software, then it is probably best to have a chat with team.

They will advise if it is economically viable to upgrade your existing CAD computer in the first instance, or if it is more beneficial to you to move forward with a new CAD workstation.

HP-cad-workstationSo let's have a look at some typical Revit Workstation requirements.

One key factor to consider when purchasing a new workstation is that different users will be working with different size models, so there is not generically a one size fits all Revit Cad workstation specification, but it is of course possible to cover a spread of potential future requirements if the workstation is specified correctly at the outset.

Equally while 32-bit operating system may still be available, unless you operationally have software that will only run on a 32-bit platform, then 64-bit is without question the way forward.

Cad-Workstation-6-core-processorAlso, certain functionality in Revit can take advantage of up to 16 processor cores so buying a Revit workstation with multi core i7-series processors or multi socket/multi core Intel Xeon processor configurations is an important productivity factor to consider.

And finally, you also need to allow room to grow as experience shows with existing users that once you get underway using your Revit Software, you will quickly expand your usage and start pushing what you initially thought may be your boundaries.

Revit Workstation Minimum Specs

Realistically purchasing (or considering) a CAD workstation for Revit with minimum specifications is a false economy and will effectively throttle productivity, which is why with a broad base of customer experience we do not recommend minimum specification for Revit workstations or any other Autodesk software.

Revit CAD Workstation Specification

As Revit software grows in capabilities and hardware technology improves further in the future CAD hardware requirement may change but for the moment sensible configurations are as follows:

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows®7 64-bit (excluding home basic)
Processors: Multi-core i7 or Xeon multi – core processors (for large Revit models or heavy duty rendering consider multi-processor configurations). It is best to purchase the fastest processor you can afford, but buying one behind delivers great performance at a better price point.

Memory: Minimum memory 8GB ram. Ram is relatively cheap in this day and age so consider 16GB if possible for future proofing or higher if you foresee the need for large complex Revit model performance, or you will be working with point cloud data in Revit.

Please note however that there is a difference in memory type between a Xeon workstation versus an i7 as well as other variances details of which can be found here in our Cad workstation guide.

Hard Drives: A large capacity hard drive with a large cache will deliver good performance for most users. You can of course get blisteringly fast performance with a solid state drive (budget permitting) but this will be a trade-off capacity wise so you will probably want to also have a large standard hard drive for storage purposes if you work local and do not have your main data located on a server.

If you work with Point cloud data then opt for a large capacity fast (10k+ spin speed) hard drive as read write speeds can be a bottleneck due to the inherent demands of working with large PCD files.

Graphic Cards: It's important to ensure that your graphics card is certified for the application you are using, so typically a sensible Revit graphic card should be either an Nvidia Quadro 4000 or higher, or an AMD Firepro V5900 or higher. We would not recommend using gaming graphics cards for CAD applications such as Revit.

You do not need to spend a fortune on a sensible Revit CAD workstation if you achieve the right balance, If you are planning to upgrade you current CAD software and need an affordable certified HP cad workstation for Revit please give us a call on 023 8086 8947 and we'll be happy to help.

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