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BIMUnless you’ve been living under a very large rock for the last few years you’ve probably heard all about BIM, and all about the Governments ‘BIM Strategy Paper’, which calls for the industry to achieve level 2 BIM by 2016.

But have you heard about the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Task Group and the BIM regional hubs, you know, your platform to influence BIM implementation within the UK.

No? Well don’t worry, help is at hand. The South BIM Hub is up and running and ready for their inaugural meeting. The first meeting will take place on Wednesday the 31st July 2013 at the Elizabeth II Court in Winchester.

The South BIM Hub has been set up to facilitate the discussion and sharing of knowledge within a localised region, stretching from East Sussex to Hampshire, aiming to bring together the different disciplines from across the industry.

The purpose of the hub is to try to answer all the questions you have about BIM, to pool resources and discuss with peers non-commercially sensitive information. The group’s ultimate focus is to ensure the region is fully ready to embrace BIM ideals, by quizzing the experts, small group discussions and feedback sessions.


So, if you already deliver projects in BIM or intend to deliver projects in BIM, the South Hub wants to hear your thoughts. What does BIM mean for your discipline or your company? Are you worried about BIM even?

Whatever your level of understanding surrounding BIM now’s an important transitional period and preparation is key.

Find out more and registerfor the event on The CIC South BIM Hub website. If you have any BIM enquiries, please send us a message:

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