BIM Adoption Leaps to 71% in 2012

BIM-adoption-acceleratesThe latest BIM report from leading construction analysts Mcgraw_ Hill Construction will for the most part finally send BIM naysayers heading for the hills as BIM adoption expands from 17% percent in 2007 to 71% in 2012.

This represents a critical mass adoption of new technologies by the North American market in under 5 years, just showing what a massive impact BIM is having in the construction market and how quickly new technology can have a paradigm shifting impact even in a mature traditionally slow to change market sector.

As synergies are apparent in the construction industry around the world, the report should prove useful to UK CAD managers, Company owners and Construction supply chain businesses.

In the Construction market as well as a plethora of other industry sectors, business owners have become painfully aware of the speed at which the adoption of modern technologies impacts traditional workflows on the one hand, and adoption by competitors first is also a risk as this can destabilise their very established traditionally strong client bases.

This point is apparant in the report, as one of the principal benefits of leveraging BIM is that it enables the retention of clients which is now seen as more important than pursuing new clients as the market changes. This is not too much of a surprise in reality as history clearly demonstrates that across most industries that late adopters of technology and emerging processes see a rapid decline in profitability as younger or more technology savvy companies leapfrog their competitors and eat into their traditional market share.

The report also sends a clear message to remaining companies that if you don't already have a BIM adoption strategy underway, then you are already massively behind the curve.

mBIM-200Interestingly the report also highlights the fact that the construction supply chain and contractors lead the way in the adoption of BIM as returns on investment are strongest compared to Architectural and Engineering Sectors. This of course will in all probability be the same trend in the UK as our own adoption of BIM Matures.

The Mcgraw_ Hill Construction report also highlights clearly that there is still a lot to do if the UK is to meet the government's aim of being the leading global force in BIM, and the engagement and adoption of BIM in the manufacturing for construction sectors needs to accelerate as lack of BIM ready content will bottleneck adoption as construction projects progress.

The full Mcgraw_ Hill Construction Smart Market Report can be found here.

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