Benefits Of Digital Prototyping At The Design And Engineer Stage

Digital Prototyping Part OneWe've talked about Digital Prototyping a lot on this blog and it's no surprise as it has been labelled as a revolutionary approach to product development but as it gains momentum and support it is essential to take a look at its benefits in greater depth.

For those of you who don't know, DP (Digitial Prototyping) is a combination of maturing technologies. DP does not apply solely to a singular piece of software but should be thought as a philosophy incorporating all the elements of the design process (Why Your Business Needs Digital Prototyping).

To look at the benefits of DP we talk about splitting up the design process into three sections: design and engineer, test and validate and manufacture and produce.

It is important to realise how DP can help you at each stage. Firstly I'll be discussing probably the most creative stage designing and engineering.

Improving Conceptual Design

Previously concept models have been 2D drawings on paper which have made it impossible to go back and rework. Now, working digitally from the outset of your project using Autodesk Alias (which is available in Product Design Suite Ultimate) allows you to visualise your ideas digitally – from initial sketches to 3D concept models. DP Design and Engineer Main

This software gives you the option to tweak your designs without having to start from scratch if something needs to be changed... saving you time and money.

These concept models designed in Alias can be transferred into Autodesk Inventor which enables you to further 3D model your product/design which makes it easier to validate, repair and get your product ready for engineers.

Ultimately is allows you to rapidly explore and refine creative ideas for innovative, differentiated products as well as creating sketches and 3D models that can be used directly by engineering.

Using this process provides the designers with the ability to be more creative than ever before. It gives them the knowledge that mistakes are only made with pixels which can be easily changed rather trying to correct mistakes a physical prototype.

From Designers To Engineers

This 3D model created in Alias and Inventor reduces the chance of misinterpretation and error by closing the gap between designers and engineers. It takes away the possibility for misinterpretation therefore wasting valuable time and money if the product is wrongly engineered.

Still working in Autodesk Inventor it provides you with a powerful engineering functionality which automates calculations and resolves complex geometric considerations; rather than you or your engineers spending lots of valuable time working these out.

Hopefully this gives you just a little snapshot of the benefits of DP when it comes to design and engineering - fundamentally it comes down to saving time and money.

Keep an eye out for my blog posts on how Digital Prototyping can help your digital workflow in terms of testing and validating and manufacturing and producing.

To discuss your Digital Prototyping needs or Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate call us on 023 8086 8947; we look forward to hearing from you.

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