Autodesk Upcoming Price Changes – Advance Notice

On the first of February 2013 Autodesk will be rolling out a new simplified pricing structure to existing and new customers, which it has to be said will indeed make life a lot more transparent when it comes to upgrading or cross grading to more productive platforms or the Autodesk Software Suites.

autodesk-Software-boxesThe good news is that customers using non-current 2013 Autodesk products will have until January 31, 2013 (transactions need to be completed by this date including processing) to upgrade qualifying licenses and take advantage of the current cheaper upgrade pricing model, which offers significant savings against the new pricing policy.

We would therefore strongly recommend that clients that do not currently have 2013 versions of software on subscriptions give us a call as soon as possible to explore the potential cost implications of not bringing licenses up to date before this change.

Clients currently on subscription will be the clear winners here especially as they will be able to take advantage of subscriptions benefits and of course Autodesk 360 functionality. And for those using software suites, the productivity benefits of cloud rendering, energy analysis, structural analysis, product optimisation and Infrastructure modeller depending on their software suite.

The legacy/get current campaigns for older versions of software are also coming under the change umbrella so we would encourage users of retired versions of software (2010 and older) to explore the benefits of subscription and Autodesk 360 as well if you have not been exposed to these previously. Autodesk 360 is a more recent addition to Autodesk subscription.

In reality being on subscription is clearly the most cost effective method of keeping up to date and maximising productivity using Autodesk software, but one change in pricing is that Autodesk subscription will be optional on eligible software licenses, which is a bit of a surprise as given financial and business benefits why would you not want to be on subscription anyway?

Another change is the age eligibility of upgradeable licenses going forward. Legacy/get current options will no longer be available and you will only be able to upgrade (at a higher than current cost) from 6 previous releases.

This means that once the new pricing comes into effect, 2007 software releases will no longer be upgradeable so users will need to buy a new license.

To find out how these changes can affect you or to discuss your own businesses requirements give us a call on 023 8086 8947 to discuss pricing options or 0% financing options currently available.

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