Autodesk Subscription And The Cloud

Subscription and The CloudWe've talked about Subscription and the cloud independently a number of times on this blog but we have rarely told you how being on Subscription benefits your cloud capacity.

When we have spoken about the cloud it is generally in terms of what services it can offer you and your business but just in case you didn't know I'll tell you again:

When you purchase an Autodesk stand-alone product or suite you are able to get privileged access to a variety of Autodesk 360 cloud-based services for rendering, design optimisation, energy analysis, structural analysis, civil design and simplifying collaboration. These services allow you to save time in your design process by enabling you to work with greater efficiency.

But what we haven't really said is when you are on Autodesk Subscription you are able to increase your cloud capacity by receiving 25GB of cloud storage for each seat of Autodesk software on Subscription. Whereas if you weren't on Subscription you would be limited to 5GB for every Autodesk seat you own.

By having only 5GB you will be limiting the power of the cloud to create and manage folders with ease and quickly share project information with team members using tools that are already tied into the Autodesk product lines that can be used from anywhere and anytime.

We have discussed cloud credits before (Autodesk 360 – Change to Cloud Credit Policy) but just to re-establish this cloud credits are the unit of measurement required to perform certain tasks, such as rendering or running a simulation in a cloud environment.

When you are on Subscription you will receive 100 individual cloud credits with any seat. These unfortunately cannot be shared or transferred to another colleague but they will give you a helping hand in implementing BIM into your workflow. You also have the option of buying shared cloud credits which are ideal for businesses who wish to share their cloud capacity.

These can only be bought and qualified for when on Subscription with any Autodesk product which emphasises the power of Cloud Subscription.

In addition you will be able to access a number of cloud based products, apps and services that are exclusive to Subscription holders. These include rendering in Autodesk 360, Autodesk Remote and such so much more which allows you to extend the functionality of licensed software to help increase productivity.

So make sure when you talk to us about your Autodesk software solutions and how to enhance your projects by adding Subscription and broadening your work environment.

For more information on upgrades, new seats, Subscription and the cloud call us on 023 8086 8947.

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