Autodesk's Innovation Genome project has helped create the 2017 AEC products

Since 1982, Autodesk has established itself as one of the most innovative companies in the world. From developing some of the first versions of AutoCAD, to helping to establish standardised BIM, right up to the 3D printing revolution taking place at Pier 9, the company is right at the forefront of the software-driven new world economy.

Whilst the inventors at Pier 9 seemingly reach through the horizon, it is important to remember the thousands of businesses that benefit from the improvements made to the Autodesk AEC products. For 2017, Autodesk have delivered their most innovative line of products yet, with highlights including the improvements to the intelligent infrastructure modelling capabilities of InfraWorks, and the enhanced general arrangement drawings in Advance Steel.

One product that is looking particularly fresh-faced in 2017 is Revit. Autodesk have taken the seismic move of consolidating all of Revit’s separate disciplinary flavours within one product. Autodesk are always delighted to open up APIs for other innovative companies, and are thrilled that CS Design Software’s brand new CS Artisan RV will allow landscapers to apply Revit to agricultural projects.

Autodesk’s consistent focus on innovation is the result of concerted planning. The company is always striving to focus its approach to making future products, and to this end they have begun the exciting Innovation Genome project. By analysing the notable advances of human history, Autodesk are attempting to understand the processes which take place when great forward steps are taken.

They have already proffered their five-step process of innovation. Stage one is assessing the present environment, stage two is identifying a problem to solve. Third is brainstorming ideas, followed by prioritising ideas according to impact and ease of implementation. Last but not least is execution, and if the idea is good and the five steps are followed it should be possible to create a lasting innovation.

This is the process behind all of Autodesk’s new products, and it will continue to propel the company’s status as a bold market leader.

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