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AutoCAD Revit LT Suite Review

The release of Autodesk Revit LT Software is certainly going to bring BIM to the masses with a wide and surprisingly comprehensive toolset that is being made available at an exceptional price break.

Revit LT software screenshotThis is bound to be fantastic news to a wide range of users that have not yet made the investment in 3D BIM construction software either due to cost on the one hand, or perhaps in deference to their traditional clientele or workflows.

Autodesk Revit LT is now going to enable this base of users to fully explore the benefits of 3D construction software and in all probability expose them to projects that traditionally they may have walked away from or perhaps not even been invited to tender on.

Revit LT is not just for BIM though and this release of software opens up an exciting future for traditional 2D users and practice not only because of it functionality, but also given the Revit LT price break is so low, which means a return on investment will be easily achieved in a very short space of time.

So let's review some of the benefits and functionality investors in this version of Revit software are going to enjoy detailed below or alternatively

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Design Visualisation

Exploring design concepts and sharing these with potential clients can be a time consuming process when working in a 2D platform, and isometric views are often avoided where possible in order to reduce initial outlays or due to time constraints even on smaller projects.

Revit LT Suite will enable users to easily produce stunning and very inviting visuals and perspective views to really get potential clients involved in the project and get their buy in early in the design cycle.


Once (or even before) design concepts have been agreed, users will even have the ability to create stunning and very realistic architectural visualisations, and anyone previously involved in rendering will of course understand that this can be very hardware intensive.

But Revit LT suite user can take advantage of Autodesk 360 cloud rendering services (available with Autodesk Subscription), which will take away a major headache and enable them to deliver high quality visuals.


Improved Workflows

Working in a 3D model centric environment has very real productivity benefits and can dramatically reduce project design times especially when it comes to those inevitable design changes that are waiting in the wings.

RevitLT Single Coordinated Model

The ability to work in a single coordinated model means that any design changes are automatically reflected in the model and can be immediately generated, so subsequent drawings will be as accurate as possible reflecting changes made, and not leaving users checking 2D drawings trying to ensure they have not missed updating a view or essential detail.


Material Take-offs and Schedules

Traditionally producing material take-offs and building schedules can be a time consuming and laborious task, and is often prone to error especially as design changes come through or different materials are specified.

AutoCAD Revit LT Suite takes away both the time element and also the risk of error in both of these task by automating the process and automatically producing building component schedules and even material quantity take-off in seconds as opposed to hours.

This leads to decreased internal costs and improves profitability. Equally users will also benefit from a much quicker and slicker estimation process.

3D Content

One argument often raised as reason to avoid 3D model centric methodologies is the need to create 3D content in the first place, which is a reasonable concern for many 2D CAD users.

However that said AutoCAD Revit LT comes with its own expansive collection of both 2D and 3D building components as an aid to further productivity gains. So potential adopters will have far less of a concern than they first imagined.

Even if you do need to create your own content you'll be able to take advantage of a powerful component editor, to not only create static components, but also intelligent components further ramping up potential productivity gains.


Every construction project as we know will require a significant degree of collaboration if you are working in BIM project or even just with a private client which is where Revit LT also delivers a major advantage.

Users involved with BIM (building information modelling) will be able to share their Revit data with other contractors and companies using the more advanced Revit software platforms, enabling them to be a cohesive part of the BIM project.

In addition users will still be able to collaborate and deliver their design in time honoured dwg format so all angles can be covered.


The release of AutoCAD Revit LT Suite will be a major game changer for a lot of existing 2D users and the attractive pricing point makes it all the more accessible and severely reduces the risk for those a little risk adverse when it comes to new technology.

It is of course recommended that new users participate in basic Revit Training to really maximise the benefits of the software as this will get them up to speed sooner with a quicker return on investment.

Equally it would possibly be advisable to invest in a decent CAD workstation depending on your current CAD hardware as 3D modellers tend to have higher requirements than just plain AutoCAD, but we could almost guarantee that once you get started you'll never look back and wonder why you did not move sooner.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further we would be happy to hear from you so give us a call on 023 8086 8947, or send us a message now:

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