Autodesk Project Miller - A 3D Print Preview

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As the 3D printing community continues to grow, so does the purpose of Autodesk Simulation.

Project miller is a free technology preview designed to show you exactly how your model will print in 3D. Its function being to identify problems in advance, saving countless hours and costs spent on failed prints.

Using the stand-alone application you can test to see if your models geometry is actually printable, as well as what your model will look like before you press the relatively expensive print button.

Project miller also allows you to carry out any touch up work within its very own interface. Once you’ve imported the Geometry you have several different visualisation and simulation tools to help inspect your model inside and out.

You can check the finished result by viewing details such as feed rate, thickness or volume of extruded polymer and layer count. You can view the model with solids or lines, watch animations on how the model will be printed and choose how to re-mesh it.

What’s more, if project miller detects any issues with the surface it will help you re-surface your complex geometry and export an optimised 3D geometry for printing.

This is a great tool for those able to print parts themselves but can also reduce time and costs for those sending parts off to be printed by a third party company.

To read more about Project Miller and to download your free trial Visit the Autodesk Labs.

See how it works in the below videos.

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