Autodesk Launch New Mesh Manipulation Tool - Project Memento

autodesk-mementoYesterday Autodesk added Project Memento to their list of already impressive realty capture tools.

Project memento is designed for fixing and editing big mesh data, the same data that can be captured from 123d Catch or ReCap Photo, for example.

Project memento offers the functionality to work with very large 3d meshes, comprising of hundreds of millions of polygons, which is something other programs have struggled with when capturing detailed laser scans of complex structures.

The technology allows you to fix all manner of errors located in the meshes infrastructure, such as holes, particles, spikes and tunnels, and what’s more it’s relatively easy for the user.

Project memento uses a unique mesh analysis and diagnostic tool to identify errors within the mesh and presents them back to the user to agree what the correct action should be.

From there it’s just a case of clicking next, going from error to error, inspecting the identified mesh and agreeing the fix.

The fix tool behaves in the following way:w-mesh-model

• If the detected issue is a hole, it will fill it.

• If the detected issue is a spike, it will first remove it, leaving a hole and then highlight the found hole, upon which selection it will offer the fix tool to fix it.

• If the detected issue is a floating particle, it will delete it.

Because of this ease and accessibility its application leans towards the practicalities of a mainstream 3D printing market.

Project Memento also allows you to export meshes from modelling applications such as Maya, Mudbox and 3ds Max meaning it’s not just targeted towards hobbyists.

Once again, Autodesk show enthusiasm for delivering high quality solutions for technical hitches throughout the 3d modelling process - yet another sign of their intent to be a dominant force within both the digital and physical 3d environments.

For more information about project memento and to download the free technology preview simply click here.

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